What is Hypertufa?

Hypertufa is a combination of portland cement and various aggregates mixed together to imitate Natural Tufa. Natural tufa is a pourous, lightweight, gray to amber rock formed from volcanic materials. Traditionally it was used in early construction and farming. Tufa being reasonably soft, can be hollowed out and used for just about anything. Our roaming ancestors might have used it as shelter after digging a cave in it. Natural Tufa takes years to form and is limestone based. Hypertufa is a manufactured substitute and an excellent way to speed up the process. You can enjoy this close relative in your garden and home with pots, containers or statues. It can withstand tempertures below freezing -30°C  (-22°F) and the even the florida heat as well. 

Here at Gingerbread we have been experimenting with light weight concrete products for years. If your interested in fabricating or learning how to make Hypertufa, call us at 941-661-1996. We will be conducting classes at different dates throughout the winter season. Shortly, we will be shipping Hypertufa bagged mix. To sign up for our Hypertufa project newsletter click here.

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